How It Works

Tap into the power of data to enhance your profitability while helping improve the efficiency and sustainability of the food supply chain.

How We Do It

Building A Food Data Ecosystem

Our core services is the Open Food and Beverage Commerce Network (OFBCN).   The network makes it easy to access and exchange data with buyers, suppliers and solution providers.  Whether through a simple programming interface, UI, or old-school EDI, OFBCN is a single source to enable the exchange of data that strengthens relationships with your partners.  But, we’re more than that.  We use that data to build solutions that  open new sales channels, improve the ordering process, increase supply chain visibility, provide business intelligence, reduce food waste, and enable many other solutions to make our food system more efficient.

What we’ve done

A Variety of Applications

Supply Chain Management

A national franchise concept already had a tool for each location to place orders.  However, they were struggling to get real time product and price information in a standardized format from their 40+ suppliers.  Working with the methodology each supplier preferred, we integrated their supply chain thereby providing valuable information and automating the procurement process.  The result was improved decision making at each location, time savings, and enhanced supply chain visibility at HQ.

New Sales Channels

Smaller farms sometimes struggle to reach larger buyers.  By integrating with software the farms are already using, we’re placing their product availability data directly where the buyer needs it; their own buying tool.  Working with regional non-profits, school districts and farm management systems we are reducing purchase friction and driving sales for local farmers.  It’s a win for schools, their students, and the local economy.

Promotion Management

Grocery retailers, distributors, and vendors exchange information to agree on in-store promotions.  Often this process involves repetitive spreadsheets, manual data entry, and is prone to time consuming errors.  We’ve built a promotion management system that automatically checks product availability, accuracy, and in-market performance.  This saves time, the associated costs, and allows trading partners to focus on stronger relationships over manual tasks.

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