We care about our food system

We think the best way to make it better is to enable innovators to innovate.

133 Billion

Pounds of food wasted in the US.

1 in 10

Americans are food insecure.


Percentage of fresh water used to grow uneaten food.

How We Got Started

Inefficiency Drove Innovation

We started out buying and selling surplus and imperfect produce.  Almost immediately it became obvious that barriers to the free flow of data and eCommerce adoption were going to limit our impact.  It simply took too much time to phone, fax, and email growers and then find buyers willing to take rescued produce.  While we were focused on reducing farm level food waste, what we experienced is common throughout the entire food chain.  It takes too much manual effort for market participants to get product availability information, take orders, coordinate logistics and all the tasks necessary before food gets on a plate. This raises prices, wastes precious resources, and increases the time it takes to manage a business.

We’re not just about reducing food waste.  But it is what motivates us.  Did you know that if food waste were its own country, it would the 3rd largest polluter in the world?  Food waste adds unnecessary costs for those that can least afford it and unnecessary damage to our environment.  By making data more readily available we will enable others to find innovative solutions, make the food system more efficient, and help our environment.

Neal Bram
CEO - Project Waste Not

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