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Our experience working with food data can help your organization profit while building a better food system.

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Building A Better Food System

The food system needs to be improved.  There is simply too much waste and inefficiency.  For industry participants willing to innovate, there is enormous opportunity to grow revenues, enhance profits, and make a social impact. Our technology enables the free flow of data necessary for innovation.  And, we’re using that data to offer a wide range of solutions.   Let’s work together to create a food system that is a win for buyers, suppliers, the communities they serve, and the environment.

Who We Serve

Solving Problems from Seed to Shelf

Reduce Total Procurement Costs

Whether it's using your existing software or our buyer portal, we provide data that enhances supply chain visibility, increases business insights and reduces costs through automation of overhead procurement tasks.

Improve Customer Relationships

Open new sales channels, reduce purchase friction and exceed expectations by putting your product information directly into whichever ordering solution your customers prefer.  Your important information will be where customers are making decisions.  Plus, we can automate order taking and other tasks so you have more time to focus on revenue growing activities.

Innovate and Scale Faster

Have a big idea? Leverage our expertise in collecting and managing food data to cost effectively power your idea. We have the infrastructure, relationships, and data to reduce development costs and accelerate growth.

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Please tell us what you’re working on, problems you're facing, or your vision for a better food system.  We want to help.

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